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Related post: Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 23:56:42 +0100 From: Gerry Taylor Subject: The Reluctant Retrainer - Chater 17This is the 17th chapter of The Reluctant Retrainer, part two of a trilogy of underage girl cartoons novels of gay sex.Keywords: authority, control, slavery, punishment, re-training, submission, loyaltyThis story is entirely a work of fiction and all rights to it and its characters are copyright and private to and reserved by the photos underage porno author. No reproduction by anyone for any reason whatsoever is permitted.If you are underage to read this kind of material or if this material will be unlawful for you to read where your live, please leave his webpage now.Contact points: eMail: gerrytaylor78hotmail.com Web: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Erotic_Gay_StoriesThe Reluctant Retrainer by Gerry TaylorChapter 17 -- PunishmentAt morning inspection, it was very clear underage teens sites that something was amiss. Since the numbers of slaves had grown plus the rotating visitors from Gustav's, the inspection usually now took place outside the slaves' quarters in the foreign underage nudes courtyard. Although they all went to `display' as soon as I had arrived -- I had previously told them that at inspection it was not necessary to make obeisance -- but today there were no smiles. Usually there would be at least one or two, as they shuffled into place after the memories of fond sex, if nothing else, during the night.When I got to Drink, there was a bruise on his left cheek just under the eye. His eyes themselves were blinking a lot, and when I put my hand on his chest it was beating hard. Food had his head slightly down for a slave on display, and when I raised his chin, there were bruises around his neck and even in a couple of places clear finger marks. His heart too was beating very hard.`What happened, Food?' in the silence of the courtyard the soft question might as well have been on loudspeakers.`Master, he tried to choke me,' he replied in a hoarse whisper, and glanced down the inspection line to where Hassan stood.`Drink, get me a cane from the retraining room,' and Drink ran underage home xxx off to get it.When I got down the line to Hassan, I said very quietly, `Why did you do that to Food? And underaged bbs pics why did underage nn pussy you hit Drink?'I was presuming the latter bit. As he was a fair bit underage dog shorter than my height, I seemed to be actually looking down on him. Although it was cool in the courtyard, in the early morning breeze, a trickle of sweat was running down his forehead. He swallowed once or twice but made no reply.I motioned Hassan to the centre of the yard and told him to bend over and clutch his ankles with his arse facing the inspection lines. I tapped apart his ankles until they were about three feet apart. Drink had come running up with a camel cane from the retraining room.I called Food out of the line and said for all to hear, `this is the first time in the Aloe Palace that one slave has hurt another. It will be the last such time. Food take the cane from Drink and underage thai teen beat this slave as much as you like.'Food's eyes were so wide open that you could only see their whites. He took the cane in his left hand from Drink as one would hold a worm or a snake, away from his body and by two fingers. He was looking at me, at Drink, at Hassan and around at the lines of his fellow slaves in the inspection line. His eyes were rolling in underage russian rape his head at both the attention he was getting and at what he was being asked to do.`Go on, Food, cane him as much as you want,' I underage oussy repeated and with Drink beside me stepped back to allow him swing the cane.Instead he raised his right hand and brought it down `smack' on Hassan's upturned backside, and from some childhood occurrence, said to him, `Bad, bad boy' and scuttled over and behind me looking to see if Hassan, who underaged teens blacks had not moved, had come after him. At the same split instant, Drink ran over to Hassan and did likewise, and the likeable cowards that Food and he were, ran behind me as well. Needless to say, the inspection lines dissolved in laughter at the `bad, bad boy' smacks and remarks.The matter was too serious to leave in a joke, so I called Greg over, and taking the cane from between Food's fingers, I handed it bbs underage pedo to him and said `Fifteen of the best or until first blood.' The laughter in the courtyard died as Greg stood back, took aim at the unprotected buttocks and let fly.Hassan rocked backwards and forwards as stroke after stroke landed, but did not shift out of position. Greg certainly knew how to wield a cane and at stroke nine, Hassan's groans were audible. At twelve, the flesh on his arse broke and there was blood. Greg nodded to me and he stopped.`Let this be the first and only lesson ever about hitting or hurting one of your fellow slaves. Hassan get up. Apologise to underage hentei Food and Drink.'Hassan stood up straight and turned round. His eyes and nose were running. He illegal underage nudity had bit his lip and there was blood on his chin. He managed to mumble something that included `sorry' in the middle it. I told Greg to start his retraining that underage pics blogs very afternoon and to give me a daily progress report. Greg looked more than happy to oblige.I was already running late for departure to the Bank, so I left immediately.If the day started bad, it improved as it underaged girl thumbs went on. My private Bank in the Grand Cayman Island had been doing its yearly report. Apart from what I do with the balances there, the Bank runs an active investment account for me and the total balances for the year even after buying karlsbad underage the Aloe Palace and investing almost a million in bits and pieces and becoming the owner of some twenty six slaves, I still had in cash balances almost eighteen million euro - almost twenty million dollars. Being the Grand Cayman, that was nett of all taxes paid.The second matter, which was brought to my attention that day, was a hand delivered letter from the lawyers for the estate of a deceased neighbour out at the Aloe Palace.Being in the desert, I did not have near neighbours, or so I had thought, but it appears that all the land in for a mile off each of the major road is `owned' or granted by the Sheik to those who either want it or purchase it. A very Dahran arrangement but one that appears to work for them.I was being offered eight hundred hectares of desert land to the west of the Aloe Palace. When I did the calculation, it was just under two thousand acres or three square miles of desert -- three miles along the road west and a mile in -- give or take a underage nudes pic measurement. Effectively, it was the next plot of land along the west road.I seemed to remember that my own land and fields on which the underage porn sex Palace stood was about two hundred and fifty hectares, the difference being that my lands had the water of the old oasis and that this land had none. The asking price was two million hot underage dollars.I rang the firm of lawyers who had handled the purchase of the Aloe Palace for me; effectively the same firm as used by the al-Akhri's themselves. The partner there said the underaged boygirl sex lawyers for the estate were asking far far too much -- that it was an opening tactic, but if underaged free movie I was interested, they would bargain them down for me.The only question in my mind underage nude ls was that if I did not buy it, then who would. So, I asked the lawyer that and he merely replied, `Someone rich, someone who wants privacy. The Aloe Palace being sixty miles from the capital is remote, Sir Jonathan. Not every one would want to be out that far. But then again, someone might want to be.'I notice that he knew about the knighthood. However, I sent him over the letter by courier for his considered opinion.The lawyer rang back the following morning to say that the estate sexy boys underage would accept a million dollars. I agreed and told nudist underage tpg him to send me around the papers and whatever for signing. The fifty thousand dollars that my lawyers made on that deal was the easiest money that they made that day and I made them a Bank transfer to cover the transaction. As there was a lot going on that day, I put the matter entirely out of my mind until it surfaced some three weeks later. When I got back to the Aloe Palace in the late afternoon, underage nude bittorrent I noticed that Hassan was kneeling in the courtyard by the slaves' quarters. No sooner did underage young tits the limousine stop than he rushed he rushed across, obviously having been waiting for me, and prostrating himself on the ground, he was repeating, `Master, forgive me. Master, forgive me.'Greg saw what was going on and came over. I raised an eyebrow.`Only the first five procedures, Master, and already a wonderful change of attitude,' he smiled. I think Greg really like his job as assistant trainer. The mantra was continuing in the background.`Hassan, if you do not stop, your punishment will not be just doubled tomorrow but trebled.'His mantra became a suppressed wail.`It all depends on whether Food underage teens 13 and Drink forgive you as well and if your trainer thinks that you are really repentant and that this is just not all an act.'He shuffled over on the ground to Greg and kissed his feet. Greg smiled to himself and at me. Food was standing by the door of the Palace, so I beckoned him over.`Hassan has been punished today and is going to be punished again tomorrow -- there was another wail from Hassan -- when are you going to forgive him for what he did to you?'At this, Hassan moved from Greg feet to Food's feet and kissed them. I don't think anyone fucking a underage had ever kissed Food's feet before because he almost jumped.Touching the neck that been almost choked, he looked down at the abject Hassan and with one of those truly beatific smiles which only he and Drink can manage, he said `I forgive him, Master, and Drink as well and next time he had better be a better fuck' and with that he held out his foot to be kissed again and Hassan duly obliged.Greg was quite amused, but I also suspect a little sad and disappointed at not being underage nude imeges able to administer the next six training procedures on Hassan. I just shook my head and walked in to change for the evening. Aziz met me as I came down relaxed after a shower with Komil who has a tendency to use liquid soap as if it were going out of fashion and then hold you up in the air as he lathers you all over.Vitali was there with his marvellous fingers to give me a rub down. I always wait until he says `Get ready, Master' and uses an elbow all down my spine. underage nubile He doesn't wait nowadays for an answer underage virgin nude but gauges his massaging success on the number of my groans. He has a wicked sense of humour, because he will always say something on vombat underage pictures the lines of `If you can walk after one of my massages, Master, then I nude underage pic must have underage model sex missed out some vertebrae or muscle.' But I usually stagger to my feet and to the sight of his ear-to-ear grin.That evening Aziz was business as usual. His managerial powers were truly marvellous. He told me that the doctor had been here for most of the afternoon for the quarterly check-ups of all the overseers and slaves, and that the doctor wanted to see me. That, as they say could be either good or bad news.The doctor who was French was over in a room in the slave quarters and Aziz and I strolled over to him being brought up to date on various things.Jess had fixed a plough that had been broken and was working on an old tractor, which had not been started in some ten years. Aziz said that he had assigned Pete, the Australian to look after the care of the tennis courts and, if in doubt, to ask either Rolf in the gym, or Raoul who had played it, or two of the Swedes who knew a lot about tennis.The good doctor was waiting for us. He really had a mobile clinic with him, because he brought everything he needed in his Range Jeep.`First, Sir fuck underage boy Jonathan, the slaves I saw last time are all well. All have recovered perfectly from the removal of their cysts and moles, etc. The laser treatment to remove tattoos has been most effective in all cases. I have also today removed a verucca from Todd -- he consulted a note, and a head cyst from slave -- another consulting of notes -- Randy. About this last slave I would like to talk to you.'And he explained the particular problem and went on `Do you intend, Sir Jonathan,' he continued, `to give dental treatment nonnude fresh underage to the new slaves, the three who arrived yesterday, I think.'`In principle, yes,' I replied. `Why?'`One of them, Stan, has a severe dental problem which is causing bad breath. You may not have noticed' -- I had in fact noticed the bad breath but not what the problem was -- `he has a very severe case of pyorrhoea. Normally, it is only a shrinkage of the gums, but in his case, it severe ulceration on the inside of the gums. I do not know what has caused it. Secondly, teen underage vids you may have examined his anus before purchase, eh?'I said that I had.`It is one of the worst cases of internal and external haemorrhoids I have ever encountered and will lead to severe problems....'He left out the remainder of the phrase `...if left untreated.'`We had Flavio underage sodomy treated' I said `for a different anal problem, perhaps your contact at the hospital could manage something?'`I was hoping, that you underage dutch photo would say that, because when he is there, he can also be treated for some twenty or so warts which he has on his fingers. A cold laser treatment can kill them instantly and while his hands are recuperating, his other end can also be attended to. I am curious, Sir Jonathan, why you bought such a poor slave. The other slaves you have acquired are usually, apart from the two teachers, have always been in perfect health?'I smiled, `I am asking myself that as well, doctor. I think this Stan is costing me an arm and a leg.'`Ah, yes, Sir Jonathan, we say in French, costing `the eyes of the head'.`When can you arrange that?'`Consider it done. Tomorrow, I shall have him collected. But that is almost all the bad news.'`Almost? Is there more?'`The English teacher. Andy, they tell me that is his name. He has been starved. The calcium in his hentai underage girls teeth is bad and in his nails. He will need a special diet that I can give. It will be like a soup of vegetables with a lot of vitamins, like the one the other slave, the Kurd, was on. The only problem is that he will forbiden underage bbs have an erection most of the time with all the energy I will give him.'I actually asked the doctor, Yves Fournier, to examine the diet, cartoon underage because while the slave biscuits are excellent free underaged pussy for keeping a balanced figure, they -- at least to my mind -- would not be sufficient to produce the well build Aussie Rugby type, which I personally like -- not overly muscled, but well toned, rangy and lithe.What I was suggesting that just as I had the poor Kurd, Ali Tisani, on a vegetable soup apart from his biscuits for almost three months to build him up, so too I was to have Andy McTee, the slaves' intended English teacher.`Any more bad news?'`No, Sir Jonathan. Now you deserve the good news. One, there is no venereal disease at all among your slaves nor among the Swedes. I do not think that underage japenese girls all the Swedes have sex with each other all the time. But they are all clean.'I had not realised that I was paying for the Swedes health checks, but no matter. The Grand Cayman news had put me in a good mood.`Secondly, I want you to underage imgboard bbs take a look at the first of these two slides,' and he motioned me over to a small microscope on one of his benches. `You know that I take a semen sample as a routine part of each test. Take a look and tell me what you see.'I looked through the eyepiece of the microscope, and let my eye adjust. Down on the slide was a clearish liquid with a lot of little tadpoles flicking about.`Can you see clearly?' The doctor asked. `Now let me put in the second slide,' which he did extracting the first.Again, the same thing. Lots of little underage posing tadpoles thingies moving about like mad. If anything the second lot faster than the first.`I don't know what I should be looking at or looking for' I said, `biology was never a teens underage videos good subject of mine.'`You saw the sperm all moving around in both cases?'I nodded that I had.`They should not have been moving at all, or at least, they were not moving at all the last time.'`Now, doctor, you have totally lost me. Sperm that moves is alive. Sperm that does not is dead.'`Precisely, Sir Jonathan. The sperm you saw in the first slide was that of Greg, taken this afternoon. The second slide was that of Bob, also of this afternoon. There were both previously infertile. Now they harcore underage would be able to inseminate any woman alive and have a woman pregnant before you could snap your fingers. They are both very fertile.'`Does this happen, doctor?'`It happens, Sir Jonathan, but I have never had two cases in one day in twenty five years of practice. You now have sexual athletes on your hands by the look of the motility of the sperm. Congratulations.'They say that good things happen in threes, so if the Grand Cayman news was one, and the land purchase two, then the doctor's news had to be three.However, the problem with Randy referred to by the doctor had to be attended to, so I had him called. He came running with his Australian lover, Pete, in tow.The problem was quite simply that his former master had had his gonads cinched, so that the ball sack of his scrotum was now hanging down after eight to nine-inches between his legs, on a par with his long flaccid cock.Dr. Fournier had pointed out the dangers japan underage in later life of a very distended set of balls and the internal seminal links.Holding Randy's illegal amateur underage balls in my hand, I explained this to him and asked him if he wanted it underage models list attended to surgically.`Master, please don't cut them off, please"'`Randy, you are underage models angels not going to be castrated by this operation. It is merely to tighten you up a bit, something like Pete here, so that your balls and the internal tissues teen underage fuck are not swinging around to such a degree.'`Master, are you doing this to get me ready for sale?'He should not have asked that question. Slaves do not question Masters and I was now getting a bit annoyed.`Why is everyone here obsessed with being sold off? No, Randy, you are not going to be sold off. It is precisely as I have said. Do you want to be tightened up here -- I still had my hand on his balls -- or not?'Randy was not the sharpest pencil in the box. Nature had given underage kiddy pics the body of an athlete slim and trim and lanky and a nine-inch cock which according to Pete he like to use like a fencing master. But upstairs, I asked myself at times, if he was firing on all cylinders.`You're letting me decide, Master?'`No, underage nudepics gallery Randy, I'm talking to the walls! Yes, I am letting you decide on this single issue. And decide now or never.'Randy free underage handjob looked at Pete, and Pete nodded back to him.`Please, Master. Yes.'The following morning he and Stan were collected and brought to the university Hospital.A week later when the bandage dressing had come off, he dutch underage xxx proudly displayed to all and sundry who wanted to look at them, a pair of egg sized testicles in a smooth almost wrinkle free sack tight up against his body.The payback for Dr. Fournier was that he got an utterly devoted slave in Randy, who worshipped the ground he walked on, to look after his surgery from that week onwards.It was now just after half six. If I attended to Randy, I had better attend to the others. I could hear the noise of the slaves in the swimming pool area and as they headed for the evening gym workouts.I had Greg, Bob and Stan called to the study to talk to them. Bob arrived first with Flavio in tow - hot underage porn going for an early swim it would appear, as Flavio had to prepare my dinner later on.`Ah, Bob, I wanted to talk to you. Perhaps, it might be better alone.'`Something bad, Boss?'`No, quite the contrary, something very good.'`Then, can Flavio stay?'`OK. The doctor was here today and ran the usual tests on everyone. He has shown me a slide, which free underaged blowjobs shows that now your sperm is very fertile. Previously, it was not.'Bob looked at Flavio. `I don't understand, Boss. You're saying that I was infertile. I did not know that. That I could not make babies and that now I can?'`In one, Bob, in one. You are very healthy.'Flavio had not understood a word, but grinned when he saw Bob grin and punch the air. The two went off, Bob with his arm around Flavio's waist, the swim totally forgotten.I looked up and Greg was at the door of the study. I told him the same good news.`What you're saying, Master, is that while previously I had balls, now I have balls that work?'`I've seen your balls, Greg, and everything about you. And yes, your balls are now firing on all jets. Apparently, it was the same for Bob, who did not know either that he was infertile either.'`I always had a good time with the ladies, Master, and none of them every got pregnant as far as I ever knew. Now, I know why. So, are you saying that I should be taking precautions now with Jess?'I had to laugh at his wicked sense of humour and he laughed along as well.Stan came in as Greg went out and going on his knees he made a full obeisance. His closely cropped buzz had a touch of grey in it. His bum was cleanly shaven. I must have been looking at him for all of ten seconds and realised that his forehead was still on the floor.`Are you intending to stay down there all night, Stan? Up you get. Sit on that seat.'`I thought that slaves, Master, were not supposed to sit in the presence of their Masters.'`Slaves, Stan, are supposed to be obedient. How did the doctor go today?'`A lot of prodding and probing and its years since I have come off twice in each of two days.'He saw my upturned eye-brow.`Last night, the Arab guy who slept with me. Twice. He had a mouth teen underage virgin like a vacuum cleaner.'Mehmed would be charmed with the description.`Then this morning I was sucked off again in the showers in front of twenty other guys at least. I was hanging on to the wall at the end. And then the doc maxwells underage wanted a sample.'`You are obviously a very fertile guy to produce all of that and still be walking, Stan! But that's not the reason why you are here. All of the slaves here get very good medical attention. The doctor tells me that you have a serious problem with your teeth and that is causing bad breath.'I stopped merely to pause in my line underage teen ebony of thinking, but Stan butted in, as if in shock.`Are you telling me, Master, that here you worry about a guy's bad breath?' and he indicated the Aloe Palace in general. He did not appear to believe what he vintage nude underage was hearing.`Stan, do you always interrupt a Master?'`No, Master,' and with a grin, he said `only when I'm shocked off my perch.'I let him shut up before continuing, and he sobered down.`We'll set underage sisters you up with our dentist who will be here shortly. It will be full day's work. If you don't know what is going to be done, ask Mehmed tonight to smile.'Stan nodded, but stayed quite.`No, the reason why I wanted to speak to you is about raping virgins underage your arse.'He started to get red around his cheeks and ears.`It is not a pretty sight and untreated it is going to cause you severe problems in time. So tomorrow, you underage diaper models will be taken to the university Hospital for a couple of days and that problem will be looked after. No more piles and haemorrhoids. Another thing. Hold out your hands.'He underage russian porn held them tentatively out in front of him, not knowing what it was in aid of. His fingers and thumbs were a mass of warts and growths. I had not seen these at the auction rooms because he had been at display with his hands behind his head. A point to be remembered at future auctions. I could not believe I, an Englishman, was even thinking of future slave auctions, but I was!`Looks pretty bad, Stan. How about we get rid of all those warts at the same time?'This time there was no grin and he was not looking at me but down at the ground.`Why, Master?' -- his voice was somewhat muffled.`Why what, Stan?'`Why all of this? Are you going to sell me on again?'`Whatever gave you that idea? I have never sold a slave yet.'`Why all of this, Master? In eight years no one has given me the time of day. I have had to eat slops that pigs would not have touched. Last night, I had biscuits put into my mouth, I was washed and shaved. I had a guy give me two blowjobs to end all blowjobs and today a doctor gave me a medical that not even the oil-rig crowd could equal. And now you want me to have dental care and to have medical treatment at a university hospital?'`Why, Stan? Because I can avsadult underage entertainment and because it pleases me. Do I need another reason?'His shoulders shook and he could not answer as underage webcam chat the tears were coursing down his cheeks, and I merely put my hand on his shoulder until he could compose himself.`As Hassan will not be having anybody in his bed tonight or for a couple of night until his arse heals up a bit, how about you having a real treat with two guys who will underage girl undressing give you a blowjob to really end underage panty toplist all blowjobs? And by the time, I have finished with you, your medical and dental treatment will have cost me more than your price. `Stan did not know whether to laugh or to cry and merely went on his knees to say, `Master, you will never ever have to worry about me underage mpeg galleries being your slave' and he kissed my feet as if they were porcelain china.I assigned Food and Drink to him that night and they both looked hugely pleased the following morning. If Stan had `displayed' any more than he did, I photo underage sex would have had to step around him at the following morning's inspection.As I had words that day with Hassan and now with Stan, I thought vlads underage models that I might as well speak with Andy McTee, the intended English teacher. So I had him called. He came running and dripping wet as he had been swimming in the pool. I stopped him at the door and said we would walk and talk in the courtyard while he dried off in the warm evening air.Now that he was cleaned up, he looked a lot better. His red pubes were down to a nice trim. The buzz cut on his head suited him. His fucking underage boys totally shaved body did seem somewhat thin for his height.`How was your day, Andy?'`Apart from the flogging in the courtyard this morning, as predictable as I was told it would be.'I underage sex illustrations looked at him, if he were tying to make a joke. But pics pedo underage he was not.`Do underage hentia you know why I bought you? And by the way, you usually start a sentence with the word `Master''He looked at me and saw that I was not joking.`Master, no, I do not' he replied carefully.`I want you to teach the slaves to speak English.'He looked confused. `But, Master, little underage russian they do already.'`Not quite. Eight of them do, but seventeen of them do not, and these have been learning it from three of those who do, Ross, Bob and Greg, who is my trainer and who administered the caning, I could prefer to call it, this morning.'`Some nineteen who are not native speakers will also be taking two hours of Arabic a day until they speak it well enough to get through a whole afternoon and evening speaking the language. That's where Hassan is supposed to come in as he taught the language in Somalia, but now I am having my doubts. Starting off here by trying to strangle your bedmate is not my idea of a good start.'We walked almost a full circle of the courtyard in silence. Andy did not venture a question.`No questions, Andy?'`Master, I try not to ask questions when I feel confused and I very confused now.'`Well, ask a very confused question. I won't hold that against you.'`Last night? Was that usual?'`Last night was what usual?'`Last night, everyone seem underage schoolgirl virgins to have someone in their bed with them.'`Ah. Everyone here has a buddy, who feeds his buddy, washes and shave his buddy, milks his buddy -- did you observe that in the showers?'Andy nodded but made no comment.`And at night, the buddy is companion and friend and blanket and if needed a sexual partner. Does that answer your question?'`Yes, Master. And sexunderagesmalltalk who chooses the buddy?'It was my turn to smile, if not laugh outright.`Initially, I choose the buddy, depending on who is available. But each slave chooses his own buddy after a month, and undressed underage models if either want to change, they know that they can go and choose again, but since we started the system here at the Aloe Palace no japan underage thumbnails one has. Why have you your eye on a buddy already?'He smiled a crooked smile. `No, Master.'`Or would you have difficulty in having a buddy? Is that what you are trying to say?'`No, Master. I was married. I got underage beasty divorced. Until last night, I never had a blowjob, and I was afraid to move until the guy last night was finished, and I could have died in the showers this morning until I saw everyone else engaged in the same. Why, Master?'`Andy, if for nothing else, after a round of sex, a blow job, or milking or whatever, there is a lot less testosterone around in an all-male working environment. And also, if you know that you are going to have sex at a set time with a partner of russian underage sites your choosing, there are a lot fewer fights. In fact, until the incident last night, there have been no fights.'`Now, Andy, a short skirt underage direct question, in fact, two. Are you really a virgin back there? You said a vet's finger only?' - and I smacked his bum.`Yes, Master,' he said with a swallow. `Master, underage free pics I still don't understand.'`Andy, when you find a partner, he is going to take your virginity sooner or later. You are thirty eight and may not be as flexible shall we say as a sixteen year old. The overseers here real underage pron are very experienced and they are going to help you in that department so to speak.'`Master, could we not let it happen, when it happens...if it happens?' He sounded plaintive.`We could, but we free porn underage won't. By which, I take it that you are scared shitless of someone being up your bum. Am I right? Or am I right?'`Scared shitless describes it to a tee, Master. Just one question, if I may?'I nodded.`Is everyone as candid about things here as you seem to be, Master?'`I am not candid, Andy. I am to the point. But yes, everyone here is very very candid I can tell you, and you will help yourself a lot by being so as well.'`On a underage model land separate issue, if I may' I continued `the doctor is concerned about your health underage loltas preeteens and your weight.'`I don't know what weight I am now, Master, but I used to be 95 kilos.'`You are cute underage boys 75 kilos now. So since being a slave you have lost 20 kilos, in what? Four years?'`Yes, Master.'`Normally underage cp models here, there is breakfast and raped underage movies dinner of two slave biscuits each meal, fed to you by your buddy. They are more than enough for a life of sitting down, but just fine for an active life. Two of my friends, who are not slaves, actually diet on them quite successfully. And you russian sex underage always have all the water you want at any time of day or night.`But, we may,' I continued, `have to feed you a bit more.'I don't know what it is about people's stomachs but taking about food actually makes them rumble and Andy's did just that.We are just at the courtyard entrance to the kitchens, underage szex galery so I told Andy to stay put, and went it to tell Flavio to put on a pot of the vegetable soup with vitamins. I told him the problem and he was quick on the uptake saying that he would blend the vegetables to make a puree so that it did not affect the Andy's digestion, as he had done with Ali, the Kurdish slave previously.Half an hour later Andy was hunkered down on the floor of the kitchen to a bowl of soup which he would continue to have for three months until his weight -- caused by a variety of ground up vitamins and pills and the extra food had crept up upskirk underage teen to 81 kgs and to the doctor's satisfaction.I thought that with Andy's age, his first sex might be a real problem, so I had him bed down for three nights with Yuriy and his lover Radek, whose cock just never goes down.After the first night, Yuriy said to me at morning inspection, `Master, you will have no trouble with Andy any more. Radek took him three times last night and I took him this russian underage morning.'I could not resist myself when passing by Andy and saying, `Some rather penetrating experiences last night, eh, Andy?'He swallowed and blinked, `Yes, Master.'`Any problem?'`No, Master. Just a bit sore.'`That's what I like to hear, Andy.' to be continued...
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